New school zombie nurse

All right here we got some sketching at work, this is pieces I love to do!


Line drawings


Last days drawing

Spend my day behind papers and pencils again! As you see once again I drew a zombie, but also a realistic Swedish bird that I though would be fun to have on a paper.
Spend some time with a mate of mine yesterday.. We were trying to figure out cool ideas for a big painting that he will have in hes new apartment.
Hopefully in couple of days we can start on it and when we are done I will post pictures of it!


New school panda

My mate were talking about pandas and said that he likes them.. Took my opportunity to draw one


Pure schetching

This is how it looks like when I shetching on a idea before adding colour, rendering and changing stuff im not satisfied with.
I like to schetch up with coloured pens and the reason for that is just beacuse it fits me the best.

After Im done with the schetching using light colour pens, most of the time using a black marker and do the lines I wanna keep . Then its time for colouring , since im using watercolour pens is it impossible to remove it with a rubber and also really hard to find good markers that you could use over the area im been colouring.
Thats the reason why Im doing all black lines before coloursing the whole piece…My black marker I got right know suck!
For my new school drawings I add highlight last. For this fits posca markers me..why? beacuse Posca are accually a graffitti brand and you can draw over close to anything with them.
I dont need to leave places when I drawing for highlights, I can simply colour the whole piece and add the highlights over the colour areas after.


Rainy day

Since it have been raining all morning i spent couple of hours to draw flowers.
This is just examples on how I would do flowers that will follow your body and fit as a tattoo.
No perfect schetches cuz I drew them pretty fast.

Leave a comment is you have any opinion


Free handing..

Free handed lettering on my friends stomach, went pretty good !
Also woke up with an idea in my head that I drew down on a piece of paper :)
Just alot of rain today here in Australia.. All you can do is draw down all the ideas you got on your mind before Its to much of em !


New school heart

Drew an idea for my own neck tattoo I probably will do when Im down here in Australia.

Tomorrow I will spend some hours on my friends stomach tattoo.. going to be a free hand lettering, will post a picture on it tomorrow


Chillin behind a piece of paper

Drawing is a good time killer.. you can still see the yellow schetch lines but who cares, I dont use erasers. ;D


Miss you..

Miss you all my friends and family, leaving sweden now!

I also have to thank you all my costumers!